Identity Life Coaching 

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"I loved my life coaching sessions with Michael. He asked profound searching questions and had me to go on a journey to the bottom of who I am and that helped me clear the path for my best growth. I’m going deeper and searching out and retrieving my own identity.” Illinois



“I want to say thank you for allowing me to be present for this conference omg I can't explain what I have been through the last few days. You talked about fire last night and I literally felt as if I was on fire standing in the water. The prophet spoke on the meaning of fire. I have been burning inside my body for three days. Then tonight we went to another level another encounter I accepted my mantel tonight to be a teacher within H.O.R. I don't know what I'm teaching yet but that's what lord said. Then I was released from prison tonight I literally felt like the monkey that has been on my back was taken off omg! I feel lighter I received my new DNA stepped into the new shoes and they fit perfectly.. then I fall asleep praying and wake myself up speaking in tongues amazing.. I see clearly now so thank you to my daddy for telling me the things I needed to hear to be released from bondage... thank you” Identitylifecoaching Facebook Wall Posting. Wisconsin

“I am sending this email to you as I have had a great deal of experience working with and watching Michael E. Thomas Jr. lead, mentor and coach others in the life's journey. I have personally learned a lot working with him. Coaching very much describes his leadership style as he seeks to bring people to levels of experience, freedom and identity. I have personally seen the results. I have a greater measure of maturity, freedom and identity as a result of how he approaches individuals where they are and takes them to where they should be. He is not content to leave you as he found you but will encourage you to step up to a new level of living. All I can say is it worked, and personally witnessed it work for others too.” - Indiana