Identity Life Coaching 

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Life Coaching or Identity on Demand Coaching?

Identity on Demand Coaching® is life coaching with a difference. It is specifically designed to help people regain their identity and lead them to encounter themselves and sets them on course to achieve and possess their goals and dreams. Image on Demand helps people discover their life purpose, clarify who they are and how they see themselves, remove obstacles, take action, and produce fast results. Become your identity!

Are you so mired in reality, so busy living from your clock and calendar, that you often forget what matters most to you, or have little time to even think about it.

The Identity on Demand Coaching® process is designed to help bring you back to who you were designed to be, things down and provide the focus, guidance and the techniques to help you overcome the fears, doubts and barriers to change. It provides the ongoing support for taking the necessary steps toward getting what you want.

Unlock the door to your Identity and take action to live in a new way.

 You will engage in a structured Identity on Demand Coaching® process, and through specific steps design to unlock the life of your goals and dreams. The process includes workbook exercises to help plan and design your personal identity action plan, and there are thought provoking readings. It is a well-designed and proven life coaching process, but tailored to your specific needs and goals and designed to unravel and release your identity.

Reignite your life's passion with some complimentary Identity on Demand.

Reignite your life's passion with some complimentary Identity on Demand.

You will explore your goals, and discuss concrete ideas on how to achieve your goals and dreams through a complimentary strategy session with Michael. Right then you will have at least one helpful tool that will help you live your life with more focus and purpose.