Identity Life Coaching 

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Michael E. Thomas Jr.

Michael is dedicated to working with people so they can reach their full potential and realize their dreams. He has a passion for truly listening, affirming feelings and experiences, and the ability to guide people to living from their core.

 “I have been blessed with the knowledge and tools in specialize coaching to help people in need transform into better quality of life by coaching and teaching the understanding how to analyze, activate and get past the wall. I have the ability to assist you into transition and seeing you through to you fulfill your needs, wants and or desires. I assist in the areas of one’s weakness with a keen sense how to build an even balance in your daily and ideal life. I have experienced corporate and the not-for-profit side of the business world. I currently am working fulltime in ministry building team churches in eight countries and managing the affairs of 30 plus ministries. I feel certificates, diplomas and degrees are great and I do come from higher education but nothing can compare to lessons learned from applying life concepts and principles based on a solid foundation. Through the years I have gained a better understanding in ways to empower one into a “do it attitude” with proven results from my clients who I have assisted throughout the last 5 years.  You have to engage in your life in order to receive your dreams!”

Michael is soon to be a board-member of the International Coach Federation - Chicago, and is part of an international community of caring professionals that work with individuals and groups in a variety of settings. He is a leader who has facilitated meditation, stress management, grief support groups, personal growth boot camps, spiritual encounters, and more. He is from the school of thought that coaching is more about a person of experience in a positive attitude that cares about the client, understands the psyche of an individual who by mentoring and helping to persuade and change the behavior patterns into excellence and then motivates their behavior that drives them to achieving their desired goals and dreams.

Who can benefit most from your coaching?

 Who can benefit most from your coaching?

 I help my clients live an abundant life! I offer support and empowerment to people who are in need, want and dreaming of a better life, in a life transition, experiencing loss, or have a dream(s), goals and don't know what steps to take to fulfill that the purpose to possess the dream(s) or goal(s). I am a Chicago Life Coach serving clients across the U.S., Pakistan and India.

Dreams are personal. Some people dream of traveling, making more money, having more fun, and living with more fulfillment, and one of my clients just finished writing a book. That was her dream...what is your dream?

What is your coaching philosophy?

What is your coaching philosophy?

I help you be the best that you can be! How we think, feel, and behave impacts our lives. I help you get to know yourself from your core and taking you through your own deep encounter, and learn how you can gain the "emotional intelligence" to enhance your positive attributes, and make the systematic changes so that you can be the best that you can be. I help you find your passion and your purpose in life, attain your dreams, and be excited about living life in abundance.

I have over two decades of experience of listening to others, affirming feelings and helping others take steps forward toward the life of their dreams. My specialties are Life, relationship, financial, entrepreneur, spirituality, family, sports and activities, Christian and team coaching. I also am a personality consultant, certified and ordained in Pastoral Care Specialist and more. On a personal note, when I went through a major life transition in 1998. I had an Identity Coach® partner with me. She helped me discover my personal goals and life dreams, and helped me move forward in life. Today, I offer this profound program from a concept I created with her to people who are in need and dreaming of a better life.


Individual Identity on Demand Coach

Group Identity on Demand Coach

Pastoral Care Specialist*

Bereavement Counseling*

Marital Counseling*

Pastoral Pre-marital Coaching*

Pastoral Divorce Recovery Counseling*

HIV /AIDS Education Specialist

Sudden death, trauma loss Coaching

Financial Peace University Facilitator

International teleconference team identity building coaching.

Coaching pastors in: US, India, Pakistan, S. Africa, Uganda, Nigeria, Liberia, Kenya, New Zealand, Australia,

Netherlands, Germany, Nepal, Philippines, Andaman Islands, Bahamas’, Argentina and other countries

 *ordained minister

What would one learn through your Identity coaching system?

First: Gain deep insight into your inner core, (spiritual core and nature) drives and motivations. 

Second: Uncover your Identity on Demand and help you to live aware of who you really are.


Third: Get clear about what your dreams are and reconstructing your blueprint to build and attain each of them.


Fourth: Remove the obstacles, especially the limiting belief pattern, wrong ideologies and concepts.


Fifth: Design the simple steps to make your dream(s) happen.


Sixth: Build an Identity Team for success.

Seventh: Achieve your dream(s) and fulfill your personal goals that will affect every area of life

I provide a proven process that can help you discover your life's purpose, clarify your dreams, remove obstacles, take action and produce fast results!